Airbus Guidance modes and Approaches


Select Configuration:

  1. Select the desired Configuration in header
  2. For A320 and A330, select navigation guidance mode options
    • => Application displays the "Recommended view" with the main approach types and recommended navigation guidance mode.
  3. Adjust filtering of the information displayed in the table via FILTER options:
    • Change from "Recommended Modes" to "All Modes" by clicking on:
  4. APPROACH SELECTION : choose items to view/hide.
  5. Select another configuration if you need to compare the available guidance modes (FILTER options are still active)
  6. Click on to recover all hidden fields.

This tool provides a synthetic view of the different Airbus navigation guidance modes associated with the different approach types:

presents the frequent approaches and the associated guidance modes that are recommended.

presents available guidance mode and additional approach types.

  • Magenta background of boxes rapidly identifies angular guidance modes (ILS-like).
  • Green background of boxes rapidly identifies FMS-based guidance modes (NAV and FINAL APP).
  • Grey background of boxes rapidly identifies a fully selected guidance modes (FPA|TRK).

The tool describes only the Airbus certified guidance modes.

Please be informed that:

  • Some guidance modes require a specific aircraft capability that maybe optional (ex. FG/S|FLOC).
  • Some guidance modes require a specific crew qualification and/or operational approval from the local authority (ex. RNP AR operations).
    • => The flight crew must consider available aircraft and flight crew qualifications before they select the appropriate guidance mode for a specific type of approach.

For additional details on the navigation guidance modes and associated procedures, refer to:

  • Airbus Flight Crew Operating Manual (FCOM) description and procedures, and Airbus Flight Crew Techniques Manual (FCTM)
  • "Getting to grips with PBN" brochure available on in section CONTENT LIBRARY/FLIGHT OPERATIONS/OPERATIONAL EXPERTISE
  • in section AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS and section PROCEDURES

Terms of use

This material is for information only, it provides a synthetic view of information extracted from Flight Operations documents (FCOM, FCTM). Therefore, the present brochure intentionally limits the set of recommendations. Please refer to existing Flight Operations documents for the complete set of recommendations (call out, monitoring, procedures, etc.).

This application is presented for information only, and is not intended to be used instead of the ICAO guidelines or National Aviation Authorities (NAA) mandated requirements. The content does not supersede or amend any Airbus type-specific AFM, AMM, FCOM, MMEL, FCTM, ACD, or SB.